Enjoy the excellent food, admire the landscapes, be seduced by the sea breeze!
Its time that you tasted and felt unspoilt Greece as never before!
About Vezuvios

IMG_9982Our family taverna “Vezuvios” in Agios Nikolaos, Mani has its own history and traditions. Our family has lived in the village for many generations and our taverna is the oldest operating taverna in Agios Nikolaos.
Taverna “Vezuvios”directly faces the sea, so that our visitors can breath in the romantic atmosphere and magical smells of this salty paradise.
The flavours of our cooking go back in time too. Traditional recipes from Mani as wsell as from other parts of Greece will tempt you palate and delight your senses. In our recipes you will find not only traditions and art, but also our desire to please you.
Beyond the classical Greek dishes, we also offer 28 years of experience in making the perfect pizza “Pizza Vezuvios”, a pleasure you can’t afford to miss.
Our business has been established for a long time and will always be here for you, because we appriciate your preference.

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Agios Nikolaos & Mani

IMG_9981Agios Nikolaos in Mani

A little village nestled on the coast in the Messinian Mani. Your first impressions of this little village are of fresh, salty sea breezes and vibrant Mediterranean colours! Walking through the narrow lanes, you quickly become one with the wonderful ambience of the place. You will admire the sea landscape, as pretty as a picture, with little fishing boats, coming in and out of the harbour on the blue and green waters.
Sometimes peacefully, sometimes wild, Agios Nikolaos will seduce you with its charms and enchant you to stay and bask in its history and traditions.


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Contact us

vezuvios_logoVezuvios Tavern
Agios Nikolaos, Mani
Messinia, Greece

Telephone: +30 27210 77291

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